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Nanaca Crash Nanaca Crash
Distance games don't get any better than this.
Gold Miner Gold Miner
It's gold reeling time!
Interactive Buddy Interactive Buddy
Do whatever you like with it.
Miami Shark Miami Shark
There's nothing this shark can't chomp through.
Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2
Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes?
A Walk in the Park A Walk in the Park
This chihuahua's on steroids.
Spewer Spewer
The net's first puke'n'jumper.
Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero
Instant classic.
Sushi Go-Round Sushi-Go-Round
Be the best sashimi meijin you can be.
Sushi Cat Sushi Cat
Mmmm sushi. Eat and become as bloated as possible.
Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon
Our dear Sushi Cat returnth!
Sushi Cat 2 Sushi Cat 2
Bacon Dog has kidnapped your wife. Eat sushi!
Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria
The Papa's management series continues.
Papa's Taco-Mia Papa's Taco-Mia
Tacos anyone?
Papa's Burgeria Papa's Burgeria
Papa makes the best burgers.
Line Runner Line Runner
Race against the clock down a path you create yourself.
Coffee Shop Coffee Shop
Have you got what it takes to manage a busy cafe?
Gungho Gungho
You're a corporate tyrant. Zap any who hinder productivity.
Time Fcuk Time Fcuk
Time travel is crazy mang.
This is the Only Level This is the Only Level
He forgot the rest.
This is the Only Level Too This is the Only Level Too
Our elephant friend's Groundhog day continues.
Grow Cube Grow Cube
A brilliant strategy game. Fill your cube to its max capacity.
Grow Island Grow Island
Max out your own island paradise.
Grow RPG Grow RPG
If islands and cubes weren't enough..
Death VS Monstars Death VS Monstars
Super-manic arena shooter with swarms of bizarre monstars.
Flight Flight
Fly baby, fly!
Duck Life 1 Duck Life
Meet the duck that started it all.
Fly me to the Moon Fly Me to the Moon
Help Super Mouse scale his way to the top! Recommended.
Gates VS Jobs Gates VS Jobs
The war between Apple and Microsoft heats up, w light sabres!
Duck Life 2 Duck Life 2
You're headed to the world championships. Train up!
Bush Shoeting Gallery Bush Shoeting Gallery
Remember that Iraqi reporter? Yeah, you're him.
Colour My World Colour My World
Search across a monochrome landscape for your lost emotions.
Duck Life 3 Duck Life 3
Evolution has arrived! Take your duck training to the next level.
Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty
Om nom every mouse that comes your way!
Colour My Fate Colour My Fate
Great for those looking for something different.
Boom Shine Boom Shine
Let loose a chain reaction of vivid explosions.
Noodle Fury Noodle Fury
Mmmm, noodles.
Microbe Kombat Microbe Kombat
Outbreed your microscopic opponent.
Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2
Create and ride your own tracks!
Valithirian Arc Valthirian Arc
Construct and manage your own wizard academy!
Vox Populi Vox Populi Vox Dei
You're heartbroken. Tear up some werewolves.
Upgrade Completer Upgrade Completer
Upgrade absolutely everything.
Guitar Geek Guitar Geek
If you're too poor to afford guitar hero.
Dolphin Olympics 2 Dolphin Olympics 2
Jump, twirl, flip--do whatever it takes to get to the top!
Crush the Castle Crush the Castle
Before there was Angry Birds..
Infectonator WD Infectonator WD
World domination here I come.
Seed of Destruction Seed of Destruction
Ride around on a giant *cough* and generally ruin everything.
Crush the Castle 2 Crush the Castle 2
The long-awaited sequel is here! Crush till your heart's content.
Power Pinball Power Pinball
No ordinary pinball game. Unlock the mysteries of the jungle!
Everything Started to Fall Everything Started to Fall
The meaning of life and more wrapped up in this platformer.
Crush the Castle PP Crush the Castle PP
Pulverise the castle's occupants with your giant trebuchet!
Mr. Ray Mr. Ray
Help Ray scour the universe for his missing colours.
Ice Breaker Ice Breaker
Punch your way through thick walls of ice!
Snot Put Snot Put
Gross but addictive.
Stickicide 3 Stickicide 3
Don't try this at home.
Stairfall 2 Stairfall 2
That's gotta hurt.
Potty Racers Potty Racers
Stinkiest race in town. Turn your poo shack into a flying machine.
Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2
Counter the spread of the pandemic.
Stair Fall Stair Fall
Pwn yourself.
Inquisitive Dave Inquisitive Dave
Help Dave on his curious adventure.
Bubbles Bubbles
Magic Pen Magic Pen
Unleash the power of shapes.
Music in Motion Music in Motion
Hop through a musical wonderland. Just don’t get stuck.
Super Crazy Guitar Mania Deluxe 2 Super Crazy Guitar Mania...
With a name like that, how could you resist the urge to rock out?
CityScape CityScape
Design & construct your new city in the most efficient way possible.
Hapland 3 Hapland 3
Shift your environment to ensure safe travels..
Learn to Fly Learn to Fly
Penguins can fly after all.
Don't Click Start Don't Click Start
..And if I do?
Ant Buster Ant Buster
Give the little suckers the iron fist.
Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2
The hugely popular penguin launcher is back!
Rollercoaster Creator Rollercoaster Creator
We love these physics-based drawing games don't we?
Sky Machine Sky Machine
The Wright Brothers got up to more than you might expect.
Reincarnation ADDO Reincarnation: Demon's Day
Feeling sinister? Get nasty in this engrossing point'n'click.
Rollercoaster Creator 2 Rollercoaster Creator 2
Create the fastest, baddest rollercoasters you can.
Level Editor Level Editor
Edit to get ahead.
Puzzle Farter Puzzle Farter
Let your gas take you to the sky. But don't let it out too quickly!
Small Worlds Small Worlds
A gorgeous, melancholic 8-bit adventure.
Shark Mountain Shark Mountain
Save Shark Mountain! Leap out of the water and chomp ppls.
The Life Ark The Life Ark
Build an inter-dimensional ark to spread life in your new world.
Virtual Farm Virtual Farm
Enjoy a fun hillbilly, hay-ridin` adventure. 
Sensou Sensou
World domination, anybody?
Sprout Sprout
A gorgeous Flash puzzle adventure.
Tetris'd Tetris'd
Tetris is dangerous business.
Donkey Kong Classic Donkey Kong Classic
..remarkable in resemblance!
Hungry Sumo Hungry Sumo
Om nom or be nom nom'd.
The I Of IT The I Of It
Get off my Lawn Get Off My Lawn
Or I'll..
Oh the Huge Manatee Oh the Huge Manatee
Save the sea from falling from the sky in this hysterical avoider.
Pogo Swing Pogo Swing
Swing on the swing, launch as far on as you can.
Record Shop Tycoon Record Shop Tycoon
Feed those hipsters!
Mind Bender Mind Bender
Unleash the wonders of telekinesis.
Mansion Impossible Mansion Impossible
Can you achieve the impossible? Master the property market!
Bloons Bloons
With the throw of a dart, pop as many bloons as you can.
Sheepish Sheepish
Frogger with sheep!
Pipi Pipi
Take Pipi sky high!
Bloons 2 Bloons 2
Beer Pong Beer Pong
Shoot your way to fratboy glory.
Alxemy Alxemy
Construct your own utopia from scratch!
Bloons PP3 Bloons PP3
We need more.
Doodle God Doodle God
Unleash storms, armies and civilization. Oh and vodka.
Battle Paint Battle Paint
Fling paint to survive!
Bloons 4 Bloons PP4
Bloon till y'pop.
Doodle God 2 Doodle God 2
The ultimate flash world creator returns!
50 Optical Illusions 50 Optical Illusions
Fool your brain with these interactive optical illusions.

Add Up Add Up
Select sums of 10 before the balls hit the floor!
Inferno Meltdown Inferno Meltdown
Save your town from the blazing inferno.
Alice is Dead Alice is Dead
Is she really? Escape Wonderland in this eery point'n'click.
Fashion Addict Fashion Addict
For the ladies.
Castle Defence Castle Defense
Defend your castle. Fling oncoming enemies to the sky!
Neko Guru Neko Guru
Make your way around each circle, avoiding malicious crabs..
Bloons 5 Bloons PP5
Just in case you needed more.
Ragdoll Cannon Ragdoll Cannon
More ragdoll abuse, yay!
Check Your Match Check Your Match
Are you and your lover compatible?
Arachnophilia Arachnophilia
Live the tangled life of a spider.
Generation RX Generation RX
..Ever wondered what it's like to be a chemist?
Zombie Quiz Zombie Quiz
Answer questions to determine your chances of surviving a zombie attack.
Stick Trampoline Stick Trampoline
Fling yourself to great heights.
The Classroom The Classroom
Exploit the nerds... pass your exams. But don't get caught!
Unfair Platformer Unfair Platformer
Sick of fair games?
Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle
Cannons, bombs and jetpacks. Use 'em all to keep him flying.
The Classroom 2 The Classroom 2
Next stop, university!
Throw Ancient Stuff Throw Ancient Stuff
Trash priceless ancient stuff.. but watch out for its former owners!
Jedi Trainer Jedi Trainer
Practise your lightsaber wielding skills - deflect lasers.
Pacman Pacman
Paint Wars Paint Wars
Get colourful!
Shop Lifter Shoplifter
Grab the goods and bail lads.
Luminara Luminara
Intense graphics.
Notessimo Notessimo
Compose your own musical masterpiece!
Effing Hail Effing Hail
Wreak havoc with giant hailstones!
Charger Escape Charger Escape
Help Charger realise her dreams of the world beyond.
Trollface Launch Trollface Launch
Another ludicrous launch game. Upgrades galore.
Oiligarchy Oiligarchy
Drill oil, upgrade your tools, bribe the government. Get rich baby!
Pirate Launch Pirate Launch
Launch all your pirate buddies as far as possible.
Fishing Girl Fishing Girl
Rescue your friend from the ocean!
Revenge of the Stick Revenge of the Stick
Stickmen are leaping out of your PC. Quash em!
Kill Pop-ups Kill Pop-ups
Just in case you forgot what our dodgy counterparts are like.
Kaleid Kaleid
Kaleidoscopes are trippy.
I Want to Win I Want to Win
But can you?
My New Room My New Room
For all the girlies out there.
Potion Panic 2 Potion Panic 2
Deploy deadly alchemy concoctions of your choice.
Pizza Boy Pizza Boy
Deliver pizzas onboard a highspeed motor boat.
Obey Obey
Think fast. Think faster!
Party Pals Party Pals
For all the little ones out there.
Burrito Bison Burrito Bison
Fling the hulking bison sky high - crushing gummies as you go.
Hotel Management Hotel Management
Keep your guests happy!
Scriball Scriball
Ugly as sin but addictive.
Space is Key Space is Key
Space is all you need to send yourself soaring.
Hell Diggers Hell Diggers
Mine ahead! Use the diggers to fill the gaps.
Seed Seed
Who thought growing flowers could be so engaging?
ROFL Copter ROFL Copter
Epic lolz.
Dark Cut Dark Cut (13+)
Bloody gruesome.
Sheepy Sheepy
Count sheep!
Argent Burst Argent Burst
Missile Command with head-banging trance.
Stick RPG Stick RPG (13+)
Live the demanding life of a stick figure.
Wasted Youth Wasted Youth
Welcome to St. Frosts. Home to slackers, troublemakers & idiots.
Thor Towers Thor Towers
Stack your tower as high as you can.
Gogo Sunshine Gogo Sunshine
Let there be light! Clear clouds and let it shine.
Draw Play Draw Play
Draw your way to each objective.
Corporation Corporation
Wondered what it's like to run a corporate giant?
Snow Line Snow Line
Line Rider meets Santa.
Draw Play 2 Draw Play 2
Extra features!
Demolition City 2 Demolition City 2
Fancy a bit of demolition?
Drop Dead 3 Drop Dead 3
Poor teddy ragdoll. It's just so much fun terrorising you.
Tangerine Panic Tangerine Panic
Survive the horrors of a bizarre tangerine-laden nightmare.
Demolition City Demolition City
Welcome to gunslinger city!
Bunni Bunni
Find love and adventure on the magical island of Bunni *cough*
DJ Sheep Wolf DJ Sheep Wolf
Dig beats? You'll love this.
Fish Money Fish Money
Gold Miner rendition some may prefer; fish for cash using a reel.
Castle Wars Castle Wars
Unique turn-based defense game. With cards!
DJ Sheep Wolf 2 DJ Sheep Wolf 2
New mix table.
Johnny Rocket Fingers 2 Johnny Rocket Fingers 2
Play the most 'suppish' guy out.
Wheels Wheels
Climb each level by jumping between rotating wheels.
Dice Wars Dice Wars
Conquer the world, with dice.
Chess Chess
For the real gamers.
Hang Man ++ Hang Man ++
The best flash version of.
Reverb Reverb
What's going on?
Blob Wars Blob Wars
Blobz meets Theology.
Catch A Crab 2 Catch a Crab II
Become the world's greatest crab catcher!
Aski Aski
Mmm ASCII characters..


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